Pride, Excitement, Challenge
Volunteering in emergency services organizations offers committed individuals the opportunity to experience one of today's most diverse and challenging professions while contributing to the community. The emergency services provided by Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad include responding to 911 dispatched calls covering medical and trauma situations. It's exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding!

The personal rewards and satisfaction each volunteer receives from such service are as many and varied are there are individuals involved and they often defy adequate description. The sense of accomplishment after providing compassionate care for people or the sense of fulfillment for teaching public safety are but a few examples of the tangible personal benefits of volunteer service.

However, the benefits of volunteering don't all come from emergency action. Safety education is a key element of our work. Volunteers educate the public on many issues, including public safety, child car seat installation/safety, health education, injury prevention, and CPR.

As a long-standing organization, we are also an important part of our local community. As such we help organize and support many community events. We host an Open House each year and participate in many others throughout the community in an effort to reach out to citizens of Loudoun County. Volunteers organize and manage these events which are fun for all!


Benefits of Volunteering with PVRS
Loudoun County Fire and Rescue volunteers are eligible for a number of benefits based on a point system where volunteers earn points through a variety of activities with a minimum of 80 points required per year to be eligible for benefits.

Benefits include:

Vehicle Property Tax: Volunteers residing in Loudoun County may qualify to have their personal property tax significantly reduced or eliminated on one privately owned vehicle Free County/Town Vehicle Decal: Volunteers residing in Loudoun County may qualify for a free County and/or Town decal on one privately owned automobile.

Vehicle Registration Fee Waiver: Volunteers who qualify with 80 points or have 10 years of qualification may request a waiver of the annual vehicle registration sticker (which is no longer actually sent to the vehicle owner, but the fee is still required).

Free Training: Access to a wide range of free fire, emergency medical services, rescue, and incident management training.

Tuition Reimbursement: Volunteers may qualify for up to $2,000 per year ($8,000 maximum in lifetime) as a tuition reimbursement at an accredited school or university even for non-fire/EMS-related classes

Retirement Program: Volunteers may receive up to $300 per month upon reaching 55 year of age (or later). The amount received depends on the number of years of service.

Health Insurance Participation: Within a certain period after joining the system or during open enrollment periods, volunteers may elect to obtain health insurance coverage which cannot be denied. The volunteer will be responsible for both the employer and employee portions of the plan.

Business Discounts: Several area merchants provide discounts to members of the fire and rescue system in Loudoun County

Loudoun County Credit Union: Volunteers are eligible to join the Loudoun County Credit Union.

Employee Assistance Program: Free access to confidential counseling and coaching for personal issues not just related to volunteer service stress and strains but all personal and family issues.

Let's not forget about the incredible experience of being an EMS volunteer because the intangible rewards are even greater! The satisfaction of helping others and making a difference is a tremendous benefit to every EMS volunteer. Building new bonds with team members and with members of the community provides relationships and support mechanisms that helps everyone succeed!


Volunteer Requirements
Because we are part of larger County and State fire and rescue system, there are requirements that must be met at each level. In addition to PVRS Company requirements that specify an advance commitment to participation, training, and duty requirements, the following are general requirements for volunteer service in our County:

  • Be 16 Years of Age At the Point of Application
  • Secure Parental Permission for Membership if Under 18 Years of Age
  • Complete a NFPA 1582 Physical Exam
  • Pass a Criminal History Check
  • Pass a Fingerprint Check Done by the Virginia Office of EMS
  • Provide a Driving History for Review
  • Read, Write. and Speak the English Language

Join Us!

To learn more about joining PVRS, please send an email with the following information to our Membership Leader (Melissa Al-Khalili) at: mal-khalili@purcellvillerescue.org

  • Full Legal Name
  • Home Address (Street/Apt)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Home Telephone#
  • Mobile Telephone#
  • Email Address